Reading and Mental Health

I have not been in the blogging game long but once I started using twitter as a tool, to both promote my blog and find likeminded bloggers, Lucy turnspages quickly became one of my favorites. Her honesty, her humility and just her fantastic writing style always stuck out to me. These reasons are why I asked her to be a featured guest blogger on my site. I know everyone will adore her writing as much as I do. If you want to check her out in action the link to her page is here:

For most people, reading is an escape from their mental health issues. It is for me too, but not all of the time.

I have depression, anxiety and OCD. I struggle to do things that I enjoy. I am not sure exactly what causes this but for a long time I have found it difficult to actually just pick up my hobbies and start. This is the same with reading. I can spend a long time just on the internet or watching TV, knowing that I want to read but not feeling fully motivated to pick it up. It is as if there is a wall inside of me blocking part of me from coming out.

It takes a lot of effort but I either eventually pick up a book or just force myself to do it because I know that I love reading.

Once I start, I find it difficult to concentrate. Every few pages my mind wants a break. Again, I have to force myself to focus and keep reading. However, once I get into a book I can read over one hundred pages in one day, constantly turning the page. I haven’t worked out how to really tackle this yet but I do know that reading makes me happy and it is worth the effort.

Do any of you feel like this?